Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequently asked questions

We will accept pretty much all files; however Vector, AI, EPS files are preferred. If there is any issue we will let you know as soon as possible with solutions.

In some cases there is a nominal art fee to fix files to be print ready. If you have no art and need some help you can fill out our design form here 

It depends on the project; each type of printing requires something different.

  • Screen Printing
    • Yes more colors means more screens - more screens means there is more costs associated with it.
    • Same goes for additional locations. This requires additional set up.
      • It does not cost more to print the design on a multitude of different garment colors. Meaning you have front chest logo in white; but you have Red, Green, Blue, Black, and Purple tees there is not up charge. Unless you change the colors of INK.

  • Embroidery
    • All embroidery jobs are quoted on stitch count per designs. So it will be the same fee per location.
    • Each embroidery price includes up to 15 standard colors. No up charge for having multiple colors in a design.

  • Direct To Garment (DTG) 
    • This is just a flat fee based on whether or not it is a dark or light garment
    • There is an up charge if you do choose more than 1 location
      • DTG by nature already geared toward photo realistic prints or high colored prints; Black and white pictures or full colored graphics all costs the same. 
  • Store Pickups Available?
    • At this time we do not offer local pickup, with the changes many business' have had to make the past few years we have opted out of allowing store pickups. 

  • Do we offer Print on Demand?
    • This has been a popular question as of late. However POD has become increasingly popular amongst the eCommerce niche, we do not offer this service.  

  • What about fulfillment?
    • This is another great question. Although we posses the experience to do so, at this time our shop if designed to get jobs in and out as soon as possible. This is just outside our scope of work at the moment.

  • What kind of materials can you print on? 
    • We can print on pretty much any substrate (garment) however the type of job will dictate what you can do. 
    • DTG for example is pretty much 100% cotton only. Anything outside of this is subject to result in a ruined print.
    • Screen Printing is great for pretty much everything, however certain fabrics have special inks, or requirements. 
    • Embroidery is one of the most versatile mediums we offer, it can be attached to almost any and every substrate available. The trick for Embroider is in the file, your files must be made with your garments in mind. #NotAllFilesAreCreatedEqual 
    • Large Format is all sublimated at the moment and we use specialty block out fabrics or we use vinyl.

  • Can we bring our own garments?
    • We do not accept customer supplied garments. However if there is specific garments you want you can help guide us to your choosing.

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