Break the mold, not the budget!

Break the mold, not the budget!

This is the age old question, how to bring or get more value for your buck! Well the answer is simple when you make great products, you will provide great value.


It all starts with art, great art will give you great prints, embroidery, and effects. However not all art is created equally. Finding an artist who understand your print needs is equally on par with who prints it.


Without knowing how to visualize your design for screen printing or how it will print if digitally only you are left to chance or you get surprised by the cost of what it will take to do your printing including an "art fee" to make your art "Print Ready"


Here at FPB we got you covered for all your art needs, we print daily in all mediums so when you get art made here we make it to give you the best possible look without breaking the bank.

This step can help you remove unnecessary colors from your design by using the garment or the substrate as a color, create halftone gradients to give effects that use two different colors to create a third, the list goes on and on.


Ok so you may be thinking "what else is there besides great art" Well I am glad you asked because you also have options for different garments, specialty inks, and threads, neck tags, folding services just to name a few.

Your project is what you make it, get creative and believe in your idea as much as we believe in making it.

If you need to get a quote on art start here below you can find examples of our work and various special effects when creating prints.

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