What the Ink; is a vector file and why is it important?

What the Ink; is a vector file and why is it important?

Simply put Vector is the best of the best when it comes to artwork and printing. It allows us to do any changes you ask almost immediately unlike it's counterpart raster or pixel based art.


Vector art is exactly that, software uses mathematical equations to create "vector" lines which have infinite scalability up or down. We can use that file to make business cards all the way up to 100' plus banners and it keeps the crisp lines straight with no jagged edges or pixelated images

  • Examples of software for this is Illustrator



Raster/Pixel based artwork is made with dots that we call pixels. It may look like it has crisp clean lines, but in reality if you zoom in on it you will see how pixelated your art is. This is not ideal art unless it is sized perfectly!

  • Examples of software for this is Photoshop
  • Procreate
  • any web draw app for the most part. The list goes on

*although there is skills and tricks you can to doctor up art we can write a whole book on, but for now we wont.

Examples of raster or pixel art is JPG, PNG, or PSD files. Although in some cases they are okay to print they rarely are and understanding what to look for or ask for when working with other artist is crucial when your intentions are to get it printed.



For now just know if you got vector art your printer will love you; at least here at FPB Printing we will love you. And if you do not have art either we got you covered. Just send us a message.


Left is Pixel Based Artwork and the Right is Vector based artwork. Remember your ART MATTERS.



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